Turkish Airlines cooperates with SmartOpt to address the strategic challenges, opportunities, and the importance of AI, ML, and Optimization technology in the aviation industry.

A webinar series was delivered by SmartOpt founder Prof. Dr. Metin Türkay on ‘Data Science Fundamentals & Statistical Analysis and Modeling, Demand and Price Forecasting, Logistics Operations Optimization and Supply Chain Planning & Operational Planning’ for Turkish Airlines top management and the employees. Turkish Airlines attended these webinar series from all of its branches and subsidiaries from all over the world. We provided these series in Turkish and English separately. In addition to providing insight into SmartOpt technologies and solutions, we also discussed the challenges and opportunities of data science, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and optimization for Turkish Airlines.

Data Science Fundamentals & Statistical Analysis and Modeling:

Demand and Price Forecasting:

Logistics Operations Optimization:

Supply Chain Planning & Operational Planning:

Arçelik optimizes inbound logistics operations using MilkRunOpt

Integration of suppliers and Arçelik’s Ankara Dishwasher plant yielded %15-%20 savings in inbound logistics operations. The system allows for scheduling pick-ups from the suppliers routing of the vehicles in the MikRun operations, management of raw material inventory profiles while ensuring the availability of raw materials for production plans. The project produced very successful outputs and in 2019, it was awarded the second prize in the category of Collaboration Developers in Koç Holding’s Most Successful Koç Employees competition.

Tüpraş forecasts the prices of crude oil and oil derivatives 

The prices of crude oil and its derivatives change frequently due to many reasons. Refineries usually make their crude oil purchases considering processing and delivery lead time of 2-6 months. Therefore, forecasting future prices is a critical activity. Thanks to SmartOpt’s statistical learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligent approach. The future prices of oil and its derivatives forecasted with very high accuracy.