RouteOpt™ - First-Mile, Mid-Mile, Last-Mile


Starting end-to-end optimization of your supply chain and logistics processes as early as possible is one of the most important steps for effective operations; for that, we provide MilkRunOpt. The first mile starts when you request an order directly from the supplier and need to transport parts/products into your facilities. On the average, an order will involve 6 different organizations and 9 departments within those organizations, meaning optimizing the first mile of your business is the most critical place to start. Optimizing the first mile  enables you to get the products you need to your warehouses with the minimum cost while ensuring on-time deliveries. We use a digital twin representation of your inbound logistics systems that reflects the dynamic nature of your operations. We optimize your operations entirely by using artificial intelligence to analyze the impact of different decisions on the overall performance of supply chains. MilkRunOpt helps you determine the most efficient way to get your goods directly from the suppliers to your facilities and ready for operations and sale. You can expect your fleet size to reduce, see a saving in human resources, fuel costs, and you a reduction in your carbon footprint. We optimize your process, saving you money and making you a more environmentally friendly company at the same time. You can track your savings when using our product as it will show you a display of real-time data and compare it with your business data. When you apply the principles we offer from MilkRunOpt, there is an immediate positive impact on your company. From the first month, you can expect you to see significant cost savings. Our solution enables you to not only generate profits but also helps your workforce as they will have a reduced and balanced workload. Our sustainable and profitable model allows you to attain an effective operation towards the first-mile step and put you ahead of your competition.


Mid-Mile begins when you need to transport your goods between warehouses or facilities within your supply chain. We optimize mid mile operation by using our transshipment based solution that enables you to incorporate different strategies including cross-docking, hub-spoke and customizable network configurations. If you have any goods that would be most optimal in a specific warehouse, our software will identify this and use our RouteOpt solution. The RouteOpt solution incorporates the digital twin of your logistics system, including its dynamic behavior to bring your goods to the most relevant warehouse using our proprietary artificial intelligence enabled algorithms. We will give you fast results within 5 minutes for as many vehicles and pallets of items you need to process. Our solution is proven to be a robust process that uses machine learning to continuously improve itself, as it creates a unique digital twin for your business. Customization is the key to the game here, as we always strive to produce a product uniquely built for you and your unique business needs. Our intelligent algorithms and dedicated team ensure this is possible by processing all your data and compiling it with our data, such as live road traffic, weather conditions, and all stored data from previous years trends for these conditions. RouteOpt has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to teach your employees how to use it. We will optimize your shipment methods and your use of manpower, saving you time and money. Your employee satisfaction should also go up as they find more time to continue other productive operations and a shift in company culture as you find yourself with a more environmentally friendly approach. On average, you will use fewer trucks, less fuel per item shipped, increased on-time deliveries and reduce your environmental impact. Your carbon footprint, alongside the cost usually taken to improve your environmental impact, will be gone as you gain the ability to save money while reducing your carbon emissions. This balanced approach will ensure your company will be profitable for a long time, keep your employees and customers happy while using cutting edge technology to reduce your carbon footprint with our optimized supply chain management.


The final stage when you need to ship your product to the consumer is the most vital. Suppose your customer is unhappy about when your product has arrived or its condition; they will not repeat a purchase. Our flagship product RouteOpt will analyze all these situations for you and provide you with an optimized delivery method. Our algorithm analyses live traffic data, different vehicle capacities, weather conditions, and many more factors to achieve the optimal results. All of this is done within 5 minutes, giving you the agility to respond to problems very quickly. When you run a business, it is crucial to keep everything running as smooth and consistent as possible while maintaining a very organized structure; RouteOpt enables you to do just that. RouteOpt running alongside our Last-Mile algorithm will ensure that your warehouses do not store goods that would be better at another location and brings these goods to your consumers while using the least resources. We see an average of 20% cost reduction on the transportation costs; this has ranged from a minimum of 8% to a dramatic 54% optimization in some cases. We want to create a balance for your company where you gain, and your employees do as well. With our systems put into place, you will notice that your employees have a more evenly distributed workload while you earn greater profits. Not only do you and your employees benefit, but so does your corporate image. You will immediately decrease your carbon footprint as you use fewer vehicles and less fuel to achieve your goals; a more environmentally friendly supply chain is created alongside faster delivery times, improving your customer satisfaction. Our advice is that you plug all your shipments into our application every day (or as many times as you need throughout the day) to find the optimal solutions for your company to take so we can ensure the most optimal solution for you provided by RouteOpt.

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