Supply Chain Logistics cost covers a significant proportion of organization costs and such costs can reach %20 of total costs if it’s not managed carefully since supply chains today are highly complex and intricately interconnected, so a cost reduction in one area of operations can result in a cost-efficiency in an organization.

RouteOpt increases efficiency by eliminating unnecessary operations and decreases the cost and improves the value of your business.

• Provides optimal loading and routing for inbound and outbound logistics operations,
• Delivers solutions that minimize costs and increases capacity utilization simultaneously,
• Manages periodic routing distribution activities,
• Reduces complexity of supply chain network and increases service utilization,
• Lowers operational costs and increases capacity utilization,
• Considers dynamic traffic data, delivery times, different vehicle types and the limits that you want to set,
• Incurs functionally balanced routes,
• Saves ~20% from total operations on average.

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