Determining Raw Material Collection Routes Optimally

Time Saving
Improve Profitability
Dynamic Routing

MikRunOpt optimizes all of your inbound logistics operations by integrating your suppliers, raw material warehouse, inventory profiles, logistics infrastructure, and production plans to maximize your capacity utilization while minimizing inbound logistics costs.

✔ Maxime profits

✔ Minimize cost

✔ Maximize capacity utilization

✔ Improve inventory flow time

Manage your MilkRun operations by:

✔ Optimal collection of raw materials from your supplier network

✔ Minimize the number of vehicles used in the operations

✔ Manage your raw material inventory effectively

✔ Minimize starvation of production systems

Optimize your inbound logistics by:

✔ Coordinating raw material supply with production plans

✔ Managing raw material inventory considering demand fluctuations

✔ Managing your pallets and containers

✔ By reducing vehicle movements in your facility


✔ Creates your raw material supply plans optimally

✔ Provides an average of 20% savings in your incoming logistics and raw material stock costs

✔ It reflects your specific processes with its flexible structure

✔ Allows set up and use in a short time

✔ It plans your order-based deliveries with its dynamic structure

✔ Provides efficiency in planning and management of your supply processes

✔ Allows you to make quick decisions with user-friendly interfaces

Via optimal MilkRun operations, we provide:

✔ Reduced logistics costs

✔ Reduced inventory holding costs

✔ Reduced raw material warehouse footprint


✔ We have tested MilkRunOpt in several industries with diverse restrictions & requirements

✔ We developed MilkRunOpt and it is continuously updated with our research & innovation