Determine Locations of the Facilities in the End-to-End Supply Chain

Network Design
Strategic Wins
Multi-Echelon Supply

NetOpt optimizes your end-to-end supply chain configuration under dynamic and changing demand conditions considering sustainable business policies for increased profitability, reduced environmental impact, and reduced social impact.

Manage your supply network by:

✔ Selecting the best locations to expand

✔ Increase your market coverage

✔ Increase customer service level

✔ Coordinating all assets

Optimize your supply network by: 

✔ Establishing new facilities

✔ Allocating market to your facilities

✔ Optimizing capacity utilization dynamically

✔ Adjusting your capacity under dynamic demand conditions


✔ Makes multi-layered supply/distribution network design

✔ Uses economic, environmental, and social impact purposes separately or in a balanced strategy

✔ Optimize your procurement/distribution network decisions at strategic and tactical levels  Make capacity plans on the network

✔ Makes your financial plans for network setup and operation

✔ Determines the supply chain structure for supply, production, distribution, and inventory plans  Integrates with other corporate software over data

✔ Creates realistic plans using stock levels, raw material, and finished product transit times

✔ User-friendly interface with customized installation to your needs  Integrates with all your supply chain operations

Via optimal supply network management, we provide:

✔ Increased market coverage

✔ Higher profits

✔ Higher social impact


✔ We have tested NetOpt in several industries with diverse restrictions & requirements

✔ We developed NetOpt and it is continuously updated with our research & innovation