Determine Locations of the Facilities in the End-to-End Supply Chain

Future Visibility
Improve Profitability
High Agility

PlanOpt generates optimal production plans for multi-product, multi-stage systems considering raw material availability product characteristics, workforce skill, environmental and social impact while maximizing your profits.

✔ Maxime profits

✔ Minimize cost

✔ Smooth workforce

✔ Maximize customer service level

Minimize inventory holding cost

✔ Minimize carbon footprint

Maximize your social impact

Manage your assets by:

✔ Raw material availability

✔ Using accurate forecasts

✔ Better workforce planning

✔ Optimal inventory profiles

Manage your production capacity by:

✔ Increased profits

✔ Reduced costs

✔ Higher capacity utilization

✔ Increased customer service level


✔ Increases revenue from production activities

✔ Optimizes production / manufacturing costs

✔ Manages workforce profile considering seasonal variations. Increases customer service level

✔ Makes financial plans for operational expenses Increases energy efficiency and reduces the environmental effect

✔ Increases employee satisfaction and engagement

✔ Creates realistic plans using stock levels, raw material, and production characteristics

✔ User-friendly interface with customized installation to your needs

✔ Integrates with all your supply chain operations

Via optimal production planning, we provide: 

✔ Higher on-time production

✔ Reduced backlogs

✔ Reduced carbon footprint


✔ We have tested PlanOpt in several industries with diverse restrictions & requirements

✔ We developed PlanOpt and it is continuously updated with our research & innovation