Dynamic Route Optimization & Logistics Digital Twin

Save Fuel
Save Time
Reduce Emissions

Best Customizable Solution

RouteOpt generates optimal transportation plans and vehicle routes for inbound and outbound logistics operations. We offer a flexible and extensible architecture that is customizable to your needs.

Manage your fleet effectively by:

✔ Reduced fleet sizes

✔ Lower number of idle vehicles

✔ Higher utilization of assets

✔ Optimum fleet

Manage your service contract efficiently by:

✔ Reduced vehicle numbers

✔ Higher loads per vehicle/better capacity utilization

✔ Improved vehicle set selection

✔ Reduced distance traveled


Save Time: Generate your routes within seconds using our propriety algorithms

✔ Serve thousands of customers and delivery points

✔ Access RouteOpt anywhere using any device

✔ Control your system through a simple and effective User Interface

Product Functionality

✔ Real-time and dynamic traffic data

✔ Different vehicle types and capacities & optimal loading plan for vehicles

✔ Different fleet capacity metrics

✔ Delivery time windows for pickup and delivery

✔ Time windows for vehicles

Via delivery time windows, we provide:

✔ Higher on-time delivery rates

✔ Reduced penalty costs

✔ Scheduled deliveries


✔ We have tested RouteOpt in several industries with diverse restrictions & requirements

✔ We developed RouteOpt and it is continuously updated with our research & innovation