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Network Design

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Strategic Wins

Reduce Emissions

Multi-Echelon Supply

Product Brief

NetOpt optimizes your end-to-end supply chain configuration under dynamic and changing demand conditions considering sustainable business policies for increased profitability, reduced environmental impact, and reduced social impact.

Route Optimization

Manage your supply network by:

Selecting the best locations to expand

Increase your market coverage

Increase customer service level

Coordinating all assets

Optimize your supply network by:

Establishing new facilities

Allocating market to your facilities

Optimizing capacity utilization dynamically

Adjusting your capacity under dynamic demand conditions


Makes multi-layered supply/distribution network design

Uses economic, environmental, and social impact purposes separately or in a balanced strategy

Optimize your procurement/distribution network decisions at strategic and tactical levels  Make capacity plans on the network

Makes your financial plans for network setup and operation

Determines the supply chain structure for supply, production, distribution, and inventory plans  Integrates with other corporate software over data

Creates realistic plans using stock levels, raw material, and finished product transit times

User-friendly interface with customized installation to your needs  Integrates with all your supply chain operations

Product Functionality

Real-time and dynamic traffic data

Different vehicle types and capacities & optimal loading plan for vehicles

Different fleet capacity metrics

Delivery time windows for pickup and delivery

Time windows for vehicles
Route Optimization2

Via delivery time windows, we provide:

Increased market coverage

Higher profits

Higher social impact


We have tested NetOpt in several industries with diverse restrictions & requirements

We developed NetOpt and it is continuously updated with our research & innovation