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Increased Revenues

Save Time

Higher Profits 

Reduce Emissions

Market Coverage

Product Brief

PriceOpt includes statistical learning, machine learning and AI methods to optimize the prices for your products and services to achieve your revenue goals and market coverage. PriceOpt automatically determines the most suitable method and tunes the parameters without user intervention.

Route Optimization

Improve your bottomline by:

Gain new customers by optimized prices

Retain existing customers

Incorporate external factors and market insight

Increase your profitability by:

Conducting scenaro analysis

Incorporating price forecasts into your strategy, plans and operations

Share your price forecasts across the enterprise


Single platform for your price forecasting needs

Define product/service hierarchy at different resolutions (country, city, import-export, product group ...)

Automatic detection of seasonal patterns


Product Functionality

Determines the best method automatically

Uses different accuracy metrics

Uses a combination of statistical learning, machine learning and AI methods

Automatic selection of best-fit models and model parameters

Route Optimization2

Increased Market Coverage and Revenues:

Conduct scenario analysis to understand the market mechanism

Understand the product life cycle-price correlations

Support your strategic, tactical and operational decision


PriceOpt is fully customizable to your unique needs and requirements