Decrease Inventory Financing Costs & Plan Safety Stock, Periodic Inventory, Shipment Stock and Promotion / Campaign Stock

Short Setup Time
Save %30
High Availability

InventoryOpt manages your inventory profiles over a production/distribution network for multi-product, multi-echelon systems in a dynamic setting for increased availability of products and overall profitability.

✔ Maxime profits

✔ Minimize cost

✔ Manage safety stock

✔ Maximize customer service level

✔ Minimize inventory holding cost

Manage your inventory by:

✔ Increased profits

✔ Reduced costs

✔ Better distribution of inventory in the network

✔ Increased customer service level

Optimize your inventory profile by:

✔ Meeting customer demand on time

✔ Using accurate forecasts

✔ Better allocation of inventory on the network

✔ Optimal inventory profiles by considering seasonal variations


✔ Makes optimal stock planning on a multi-layered supply/distribution network

✔ Provides an average of 30% savings in inventory financing costs

✔ Creates your stock policy by considering different seasonal characteristics of products and markets

✔ Allows set up and use in a short time & updates all your stock movements with its dynamic structure

✔ Manage your stock plans synchronized with your delivery plans

✔ Works in harmony with vehicle (ship, train, plane) schedules in Multi-Mode Transportation systems  Integrates with all your supply chain operations

Via optimal inventory management, we provide:

✔ Higher on-time deliveries

✔ Reduced backlogs

✔ Higher customer fulfillment


✔ We have tested InventoryOpt in several industries with diverse restrictions & requirements

✔ We developed InventoryOpt and it is continuously updated with our research & innovation