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Future Visibility

Save Time

Higher Profits

Reduce Emissions

High Accuracy

Product Brief

Route Optimization

Improve your forecasting accuracy!

ForecastOpt combines time series methods, machine, and artificial intelligence to predict future prices as well as future demand of products and services. It automatically updates all of its methods and determines the optimal methods and parameters.

Reduce uncertainty by:

More accurate price forecasts

More accurate demand forecasts

Improve future visibility of markets

Increase profitability by:

Analyzing future trends and scenarios

Incorporating economic and demographic factors

Incorporating the forecasts into your strategy, tactics, and plans


Single platform for your forecasting needs (price and demand)

Has many product/market hierarchy levels (such as country, city, region, product group, SKUs)

Automatically detects seasonality and updates the models and model parameters



Product Functionality

Detects seasonal variations automatically

Uses different forecasting accuracy metrics

Uses statistical methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Automatically selects models and optimization

Self-adopting, no need for user intervention

Route Optimization2

Increased Customer Satisfaction/Service Levels:

A better understanding of the markets we serve

A better understanding of the product/service life cycle

Ability to have better decisions


We have tested ForecastOpt in several industries with diverse restrictions & requirements

restrictions & requirements

We developed RouteOpt and it is continuously updated with our

research & innovation