Arçelik – MilkRunOpt™

Arçelik – MilkRunOpt™ 

Arcelik is a company that serves in the white appliances industry. Arcelik has an undeniable market share in the white appliances industry, and Arcelik is in the Koc Group. Arcelik must predict the product demand of markets to maintain a healthy production line and satisfy the customers.

Project aims

•    Decrease vehicle volume needed for the material supply

•    Optimizing waiting time of vehicles

•    Maintain high production rates and obtain optimized stocks

•    Optimize material supply to decrease vehicle costs

Obstacles and difficulties

•    Limited storage area Arcelik has

•    Autonomously optimize storage, material purchases, vehicle load, and vehicle routings.

MilkRunOpt™ solution optimizes raw material purchase and vehicle load using real-time traffic data. The method can also send vehicles to different targets due to convenience. Arcelik uses MilkRunOpt™ for raw material purchases and route optimization.

Benefits of SmartOpt

•    The routing number has decreased from 1616 to 428, and 75% saves were initiated for Arcelik.

•    Vehicle quantity decreased from 19 to 5, and 75% saves were initiated for Arcelik.

•    Vehicle waiting rates decreased by 60%.

•    Prevented material crisis in production and had 78% bonification to Arcelik.

To conclude, MilkRunOpt™  has helped Arcelik to maintain a better supply chain. Arcelik accesses and uses raw material conveniently with the flexible results given from MilkRunOpt™.

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