Turkish Airlines Innovation Talks, organized as part of Turkish Airlines' corporate innovation activities

Turkish Airlines cooperates with SmartOpt to address the strategic challenges, opportunities, and the importance of AI, ML, and Optimization technology in the avi ation industry.

A webinar series was delivered by SmartOpt founder Prof. Dr. Metin Turkay on ‘Data Science Fundamentals & Statisti cal Analysis and Modeling, Demand and Price Forecasting, Logistics Operations Optimization and Supply Chain Plan ning & Operational Planning’ for Turkish Airlines top management and the employees. Turkish Airlines attended these webinar series from all of its branches and subsidiaries from all over the world. We provided these series in Turkish and English sepa rately. In addition to providing insight into SmartOpt technologies and solutions, we also discussed the challenges and opportunities of data science, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and optimization for Turkish Airlines.

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